Bringing people together creates resillient, creative communities where friendship and spirit can survive and thrive.  Lantern making is suitable for anyone to do so allows all spectrums of society to particpate.  The lanterns themselves are most often made with willow and wet strength tissue paper and lit with candles and LED lights.  Light up the night and make our streets happy safe places to live.


Over the last couple of years I've been helping the Lincoln community in Bow, East London to create beautiful lantern parades. Over 120 people worked throughout November this year to create animal lanterns out of natural materials to fit with this year’s ‘Noah’s Ark’ theme.   The parades are organised by Fern Street Settlement, All Hallows Bow Church and Eden Bow Youth Project.

Liverpool Lantern Company introduced me to community lantern spectaculars and what an experience it was.  Working alongside talented artists I built up my knowledge and took on roles, from assisting others to building big makes, running community workshops and performing over the years.  Liverpool Lantern Company taught me a lot about the basics of community lantern making and the parade still happens every year, so if you're in the area, do not miss it!