I've had a variety of different roles at Eden Project throughout the years.  The most exciting and challenging role was that of a Pollinator - and for once not using a paintbrush!  The idea of the Pollination Team at Eden is to bring ideas and on-site education to life using storytelling, crafts, demonstrations in a creative-human-thoughtful-theatrical sense.  The site is an incredible place to learn and all the more so with us pollinators bring stories to life, linking plants to people and engaing them on a deeper level.  It's a very human focused technique of disseminating information which is fun and engaging like no other method. 

Check out a nice activity in the Mediterranian Biome, reusing the old milk bottles from the kitchens into beautiful peace birds.  I made and hung them in amoungst the olive grove where the gently hovered in the breeze, engaging visitors to stop and think and admire the beauty.  This is just one example of how we run activities which gently encourage visitors to interact and engage.

Other roles at Eden include: Community consulation on community energy - making displays and on the ground outreach community team, making interactive temporary displays in the biomes, den builder (probably my favourite job title ever...) and children's workshop leader.  I also do freelance illustration and visual minutes for many of their external projects and events.

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