LUSH cosmetics - food sovereignty experience

LUSH is a huge cosmetics company with shops all over the world.  Not my typical client!  But they do have a reputation for sourcing ethically where they can and funding loads of interesting small organisations so I was interested in collaborating and learning more about the approach.  For their 2017 Spring conference they brought together some of these grassroots charities to meet their shop managers and exchange knowledge and inspiration.  LUSH asked me to produce an interactive experience around food sovereignty, which showed the complexities behind sourcing edible plants from around the world and essentially putting them into luxury products.  The interactive experience took you on a journey through jungle, a village, a slave ship hold and plantation before ending in a space displaying how we consume and demand food in the 21st century.  Taste, touch, scent, sounds and temperature led you through a journey of the history of food. Adjoining the walk through experience there were talks and debates on issues surrounding food sovereignty.