The commissioned art installation for Art in the Park Festival ‘50 Gold Al Balad’ celebrates Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday, a golden anniversary exploring its migration history and the beauty of Islamic patterns.

Al Balad means the city in Quran, representing a free place where one’s open mind and bravery dissolve life struggles. 50 Gold Al Balad enacts as a sacred space for the festival audience to be engaged with a symbolic gesture of building homes by weaving on the map of Milton Keynes with golden thread. Through the act of weaving, the participants will have the opportunity to consider themselves of being part of the organic structure of the city as well as to recall the memories of moving and settling in New Town.

The installation consists of two parts. One is geometric dome that hovers in the ceiling and create a festival atmospheric and the weaving pad on the ground level. The weaving pad will provide fifty sections to be completed by the participants, and the whole process will be documented for the festival legacy.