Annemount school woodland garden

Annemount is a primary school in North London where I was invited to design, build and plant, with co-conspirator James Carnell, a woodland garden for the children to enjoy.  The playground is dominated by a huge old Oak tree under which we planted a veriety of shade loving plants, laid a wooden disk winding path and installed some vibrant herb planters for the children to learn and munch on.

annemount school garden

Woodland path

The headteacher of the school spotted our log path at Chelsea Flower Show and asked us to lay one in the bark play area at the school.  First down went hardcore, coarse and fine sand before compressing it all into a firm foundation for the logs.  Then the giant puzzle began by piecing the upright log pieces into a tighly packed path...

path annemount 2

Shade loving plants

We built up three new plant beds and filled them with shade loving plants, bringing texture and interest to the playground.

annemount fox and bee
annemount planting 2
annemount planting

Herb planters

A final touch for the woodland garden was two beautiful herb planters which were not only educational but entirely edible for the children to try and explore.

herb planters 2
herb planters 3
herb planters annemount 1